Saturday, October 4, 2008

Is Xmas already calling?

There are so many amazing artists and crafters and luckily lots of them have their own blog and share their works and sometimes even tutorials with the how-to-do.

One of them is Nikki and her blog WhiMSy love. It is so much fun just to read her blog and automatically your fingers start itching and twitching and your head swirling thinking don't I have all the necessary supplies right out there in the garage or already waiting on the crafts table.

After I saw a post on magnets I just had to made my own and thought they might be a nice gift idea - it's undecided yet if I am giving those away or keep them all to myself. I have a stack of scrapbook paper unused, tacky glue and brushes, but I never heard of mod podge or diamond glaze before so one morning Soren and I went off to the Hobbylobby and came back with a few more supplies.

Usually I really try to stay away from the Hobbylobby because you are able to spend SOOOOOOOO much money there. LOL

And here are my first xmas inspired magnets to cheer up the refrigerator or any magnet board.

Didn't they turn out cute?

Pauline, you might like those:

I also had some 'rose' paper in my stack and so I added these two.

1 fingerprints left behind:

Bridget October 4, 2008 at 9:06 PM  

Nice Job Nicole!!! I too am a Whimsy love addict :)

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